COLLEGE — 31 August 2013
Video: Johnny Manziel Makes Celebratory Autograph-Signing and Counting-Money Gestures During Game vs. Rice

Johnny Manziel made his triumphant return to the field today for Texas A&M after serving his lengthy 30-minute suspension, as he continues to inadvertently bully the NCAA. Manziel suited up for the Aggies earlier today in the second half and apparently did the unthinkable. Actually, he did the expected for him.

After taking a shot from a Rice player, Manziel apparently signaled to that player that he wouldn’t sign an autograph for him.



Then, later in the game after a scoring drive, he apparently made a gesture that he was counting money as his TD celebration

I don’t believe those were accidents, innocent or coincidences. He knew what he was doing, but it doesn’t matter. The NCAA is his puppet. He’ll continue to skate by and get a pass. Count on that.

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