NFL — 22 August 2013
Robert Griffin III Fined $10,000 By NFL For Wearing adidas Apparel…Again

Robert Griffin III hasn’t even played a full, healthy NFL season yet, but his name constantly makes headlines. Both for good, bad and otherwise meaningless reasons.

Last season, you’ll remember Griffin being fined by the NFL for wearing adidas apparel. Griffin is an adidas pitchman, while Nike is the official outfitter of the NFL.

During pregame warmups prior to Monday Night Football (a game in which Griffin did not even play), he was going through some reps while donning adidas apparel again. Just because it was preseason, and he didn’t play in the game doesn’t matter. According to the Washington Post, Griffin was fined $10,000 for his second wardrobe malfunction.

Technically, he’s being fined for wearing “unauthorized apparel”, but that “Operation Patience” campaign is on an adidas t-shirt, so read between the lines.

Let’s just hope adidas picks up the tab.


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  1. Is this still America right? Where we should be free to wear what we want. So stupid that the NFL is being this petty over a T-shirt.

  2. I could understand if it actually said “Adidas” somewhere. Did anyone check his underwire, what’s the fine for wearing Haines?

  3. Goodell is an over-reaching, narcissistic d-bag. Someone needs to reign the guy in.

    On the other hand, Adidas should definitely pick up the tab for this. Without this fine, I never would have known that he had worn an adidas tshirt to practice and wouldn’t have cared. By fining him, Emporer no-Goodell has given Adidas free advertising worth much more than 10 grand.

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