NBA — 01 August 2013
LeBron James Considering Running For President of NBPA

At this point, LeBron James can do no wrong. He has silenced many of his critics by doing what they said he couldn’t. So what does he have up his sleeve for an encore? A run at president of the National Basketball Player’s Association, of course.

According to ESPN, that’s exactly what LeBron is mulling over.

LeBron James is seriously considering running for president of the National Basketball players’ association, multiple sources told ESPN.

James is giving a run “some very heavy thought,” according to sources.

The biggest consideration for James will be the time commitment being the union president would require. James has limited time to give because of sponsorship and charity commitments in addition to playing. Deep playoff runs with the Miami Heat for the last three years have also been taxing.



Typically, star players don’t care to hold this distinction. Also, that’s usually reserved for guys towards the end of their career.

So why is LeBron doing this? I guess the simple answer is why not?

Essentially, LeBron would be what Derek Fisher was. Fisher’s contract as current NBPA president expired during the summer so his reign is over. If you can think back to the lockout of a few years ago, Fisher was heavily involved with every meeting and all of those marathon bargaining sessions that went into the wee hours of the morning.

For some reason, I can’t see LeBron having that sort of time to devote if another lockout were to come to fruition. He did, however, witness his friend Chris Paul serve as union vice president in the past, so many that is giving him some incentive.

And with Isiah Thomas potentially being Executive Director, this could make for one very interesting regime.

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