NFL — 15 August 2013
Donovan McNabb Says Redskins Asked Him to Reach Out to RG3

This Donovan McNabb – Robert Griffin III drama is pretty elaborate and unnecessary for two guys who have never met one another.

Several months ago, McNabb gave what appeared to be unsolicited advice to Griffin, who didn’t seem to care for those words. That didn’t stop McNabb, however. He continuously mentioned Robert’s name and related it to his time in Washington. Just a guy trying to help out another guy, or something else to it?

On Wednesday afternoon, McNabb was a guest on “LaVar and Dukes” on 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C., and he opened up about everything RG3-related.

But the part I found most interesting was why McNabb tried to reach out to Griffin (Griffin never responded). According to McNabb, the Redskins asked him to:

“Everything we say on radio gets flipped around,” McNabb joked, before getting into the explanation. “What I was saying was I reached out to RGIII. And that was because I received calls. Talking to some of the guys that were there [in Washington], that worked in the PR department, that were coaching on the coaching staff, they would have liked for us just to get a chance to talk in his rookie year, to kind of prepare him for what’s next.”

“So you were solicited?” LaVar asked.

“Absolutely. Absolutely,” McNabb confirmed. “See, this is the thing: I’ve talked to the Colin Kaepernicks, the Russell Wilsons, the Cam Newtons, Vince Young, Jason Campbell….”

“All black,” LaVar noted.

“Well, it’s a thing that I think people tend to forget about,” McNabb said. “Because as an African-American, you need to talk to people who have been in your shoes, people who have witnessed and been a part of what’s there for you, and what’s next. And I think that’s very important, for us to have the opportunity to reach out to someone who has pretty much the same particular background, or the path that you’re going through. That’s something that’s very important to me. So it was an opportunity for me to reach out. If he took it he took it, if he didn’t he didn’t. There’s no gripes about it. Hey, he said it’s not the right time. No problem. I moved on.



So is McNabb owed an apology? Did we have him all wrong? Was here merely adhering to a request from the Redskins organization?

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