NBA — 07 July 2013
Video: Shaq Says Dwight Howard Couldn’t Handle the “Bright Lights” of L.A.; Shaq Needs to Get Over Himself

I’m sure Shaq couldn’t wait to give his opinion on Dwight Howard electing to play for the Houston Rockets rather than the Los Angeles Lakers. For years, it’s been obvious that Shaq doesn’t care for Dwight because he feels Howard is trying to be like him (Orlando, Superman nickname, Lakers, etc.)

Shaq sarcastically said Dwight going to Houston was “expected”.

However, Shaq is a hypocrite here. He says Dwight couldn’t handle the bright lights, but if Howard wouldn’ve stayed, Shaq would’ve said Dwight is still trying to be like him. No matter what Dwight did, Shaq would’ve been critical of it. How much longer will Dwight be Shaq’s punching bag? Shaq needs to get over himself. It’s time.

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