NBA — 29 July 2013
Tracy McGrady May Choose China Over the NBA Next Season

It was great to see Tracy McGrady in an NBA uniform once again for the Spurs during the playoffs. Granted, his name was only called in garbage time, it was still refreshing to see him out there. For someone as great as he was, you hate to see him have to go to China go to find work.

But if you ask McGrady, it wasn’t that bad. T-Mac apparently isn’t a fan of just sitting on the bench. He may opt for heading back to China this upcoming season, according to HoopsHype, because he gets significant playing time.

It’s hard to knock his decision. If he still wants to play then he still wants to play. Him sitting on the end of an NBA bench is probably worse for his legacy anyway, and he’d probably have a spot in the Association if he wants one.

McGrady explains his thought-process:

In a pre-game press conference in Nanning, McGrady said he might come back to China Basketball Association (CBA) league despite its under par competitive environment.

“For those who have played years in NBA and still want to prolong their career like me, CBA is a great alternative,” said McGrady who played a whole CBA season before he joined the Spurs, clutched 25 points, 7.2 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game, and his all-star performance help him sustain his highly respectable status in China.

But he didn’t reveal much about the next stop of his career. “I am happy to be home with my wife and kids. But if possible, I may come back to CBA. I haven’t really thought about that,” said McGrady.


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