THE REST — 24 July 2013
Rucker Park to Host “1st Annual Trayvon Martin Invitational” Basketball Tournament

Emotions nationwide are still running high over the George Zimmerman verdict. Rallies and protest from all over the country continue as the topic of race is as prevalent as it has ever been.

There are many events and organizations being constructed in honor of the fallen Trayvon Martin. One such event in particular will be taking place this weekend at Rucker Park in Harlem. It’s July, so we’re in peak Rucker mode.

From July 26 – July 29, The Rucker will host the 1st Annual “Trayvon Martin Invitational” basketball tournament.


I’m sure this comes from a good place and benefits a good cause, but part of me feels as if this is too soon. I’m torn. The cynic in me thinks it comes across as trying to capitalize on timely,  highly talked about topic. Then, the other side of me feels as if this is a very thoughtful gesture. In fairness however, the latter is more likely what it actually is.

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  1. That poster says “Fathers bring your sons.” It’s funny on so many levels!

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