NBA — 08 July 2013
Rockets’ Omer Asik Asks to be Traded Following Dwight Howard’s Decision to Join Team

Dwight Howard isn’t officially a member of the Houston Rockets yet, as that cannot happen until July 10. But he is already causing waves in the locker room. Not long after the news broke, Houston big man Omer Asik made it known that he doesn’t want to play with Howard. Asik is Houston’s Center and obviously, this move means Asik will be moved to the bench.

Omer has already asked the Rockets to trade him. Despite his pleas, Houston says he is going nowhere. If Asik stays (which appears to be the case), Howard could be on the floor at the same time as him, which would cause huge problems for the opposition. But ego may get in the way.

Houston Rockets center Omer Asik has formally asked the team to trade him in the wake of the team landing Dwight Howard in free agency. But the Rockets have no plans to grant Asik’s wish, sources told

While many Rockets players rejoiced at landing Howard last week and spread cheer on their Twitter accounts, Asik had a different reaction.

H/T: espn

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