LIFESTYLE — 14 July 2013
Pouncey Twins Wear “Free Hernandez” Hats [Pic]

Despite being charged with murder, Aaron Hernandez has received a fair amount of support from friends and strangers alike.

Maurkice and Mike Pouncey, from the Steelers and Dolphins respectively, both played with Hernandez at the University of Florida, and both decided to show public support for their friend.

Last night, the Pouncey twins were out and about, and wore “Free Hernandez” hats:

H/T: deadspin

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  1. What ever happened to the etiquettes and the moral of athletes in the public eye? With the thousands and millions of dollars in pay to these sports players needs to be evaluated because some of them is just not worth it! I love the sportsman back in the days they thought about the game and were family oriented. I guess the drama comes with the age of the players because the responsibility of being in the public representing not only the teams but the fans is gone down the toilet.

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