NFL — 11 July 2013
Matthew Stafford Responds to McNabb Saying the Lions Overpaid

A few days ago, Donovan McNabb spoke out publicly in disbelief of the contract extension the Lions just gave Matthew Stafford. McNabb has a right his opinion, but he has made it so that not many take stock in what he says these days.

On Thursday morning, Stafford ironically was a guest on ESPN’s Mike & Mike, and Mike Golic brought up McNabb’s comments and asked Stafford for his reaction.

I had the chance to meet and interview Stafford in person a few years ago, and he’s a very tame, mild-mannered guy. That’s why I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t bite McNabb’s head off. In fact, he did just the opposite. It almost sounded like he understood McNabb.

Stafford took the high road here:

I understand where Donovan is coming from…but as long as those guys in that locker room believe in me, that’s all that matter.

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  1. bobby layne won champships so will stafford, stafford went to same high school as layne, give it time with draft picks.

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