LIFESTYLE — 15 July 2013
Is RG3 In a Twisted Love Triangle with a Hooters Waitress?

A couple of weeks ago when Robert Griffin III got married, we posted picture of his wedding day. In that same post, I wondered out lout if Griffin would get “caught up”, seeing that he’s getting married so young and he’s wildly popular.

Was I unknowingly foreshadowing things to come? Apparently, Griffin has some explaining to do. Not to me, because, personally, I don’t care. But maybe to someone else.

There is an interesting story floating around the internet, thanks to Busted Coverage, involving Griffin and a young lady named Meredith Barber. It involves an element of he said-she said, and an attempt by this young lady to sell “inappropriate” pictures of Griffin to Busted Coverage.

Apparently, Griffin reached out to Barber on his wedding day and that when it got interesting. Who knows how these two know each other, or the extent of their relationship, but at the very least something appears to be up.

Here’s a screencap timeline of events, but check out the full story at Busted Coverage:














And a video via Rant Sports


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