NFL — 11 July 2013
Donovan McNabb Doesn’t Think Matthew Stafford Deserves the Money the Lions Just Gave Him

Donovan McNabb was a very good NFL quarterback in his day, but he’s even better at something else nowadays: getting people to hate him. McNabb’s mouth is the reason why he has become a very disliked guy in football circles.

He has already ruffled feathers with Robert Griffin III, and now perhaps with Matthew Stafford of the Lions.

Stafford just signed a 3-year extension that will pay him $43 million worth of guaranteed money and McNabb doesn’t. I’m not sure why Donovan has decided to count Matthew’s money, but this is where we are apparently

The deal makes Stafford one of the highest paid players in the league, which caused McNabb to speak up, according to CBS Sports. I’ve defended Donovan many times, but this is indefensible. He should’ve kept quiet here (even though he’s probably right):

“When you look at just the numbers overall, you have to think about 12,000 yards and being the youngest quarterback to reach this feat and also the things he’s been able to accomplish, you know you begin to question this.” McNabb said Tuesday night on NFL Total Access ( “It’s about wins and losses again. Now, as a quarterback and as Matt Stafford, hey, I would take that contract just like Tony Romo took his contract. But is he worth top-5 money? I would have to say no. And I say that because it’s about wins and losses.

“What has he really done for the Detroit Lions? Nothing.”


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  1. Well, McNabb should shut up. But he is right. Stafford hasn’t done jack-squat for the team as far as wins and playoffs are concerned. I would even go so far as to say that his play and decision-making this past year helped to sink the season as much as the inability of the defense to stop the pass. No, all the receivers on the team aren’t Calvin Johnson, but a lot of other NFL teams are winning without a big armed QB and the most dominant receiver on the planet. 20 TD’s to 17 INT’s does not warrant a fatass bonus. But hey, I guess when you got the money (Mr. Ford) you can-damn-well do what you want with it.

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