NBA — 03 July 2013
Celtics Hire Brad Stevens Away From Butler as New Head Coach

Celtics GM Danny Ainge certainly swung for the fences here. I’m just not sure he didn’t swing and miss.

In a very interesting move, the Boston Celtics have hired Brad Stevens away from Butler University as their new head coach, according to the Celtics’ team site. There wasn’t even any word that Stevens was on any NBA team’s radar.

Stevens’ Butler teams caught lightning in a bottle two years in a row and made it to the NCAA Championshp game, where they lost both times. I attribute that more to a watered down pool of college basketball programs recently, more so than anything else.

After losing their first title game, Butler signed Stevens to a 12 year extension, but as we can see, that means nothing. I wish Stevens well, as Rajon Rondo will certainly give him hell.

I can see Stevens being let go in about 3 years, and landing a high profile ACC job. This also means Shaka Smart’s phone will ring soon with an NBA team on the other end. Or, at least, it should mean that.

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