NFL — 25 July 2013
49ers’ Tarell Brown Found Out on Twitter He Unknowingly Forfeited $2M, Promplty Fired Agent

Always read the fine print, people. Always.

49ers CB Tarell Brown had to find that out the hard way today. Brown opted to workout in his home state of Texas today, rather than take part in 49ers voluntary offseason workout program. Since it’s “voluntary”, Brown probably didn’t think he was doing anything wrong.

However, his contract apparently states that he needed to take part in the voluntary workout program, or forfeit $2 million. So just like that, he’s out $2 million and his salary went from $2,925,000 to $925,000 for this upcoming year, according to Yahoo!. That hurts.

How did Brown learn of this, you ask? From his agent? Nope. Twitter.

Naturally, Brown did what any upstanding athlete would do in this situation: he fired his agent for not bringing this to his attention. That’s the agent’s job. However, Brown also should be aware of what he signed.

Here’s how it went down according to Eric Branch, who covers the 49ers for the San Francisco Chronicle:

#49ers Tarell Brown on firing his agent, Brian Overstreet, after he forfeited $2 million in base salary …

… for not participating in the team’s voluntary offseason workout program:

“That’s what agents get paid to do – to orchestrate the contract and let you know what you can and can’t do as far as workouts, OTAs, things of that sort. That’s what he got paid to do. He didn’t do that. So, in my opinion, you have to be let go. We all are held accountable for our actions and it’s just part of the business.”




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