NBA — 28 June 2013
Video: Doc Rivers Calls Bill Simmons an Idiot

The entire truth about how, and why Doc Rivers left the Celtics for the Clippers will forever be a mystery. I don’t think we’ll ever know the entire truth. Danny Ainge insinuated that Doc wanted to leave, while that’s not exactly what Doc is saying. Either way, what’s done it done.

But admitted Celtics fanboy and ESPN analyst, Bill Simmons, isn’t satisfied. During Thursday night’s ESPN’s NBA draft coverage, Simmons said he felt as if Doc quit on the Celtics. Later on that evening, Shelley Smith interviewed Doc about the draft, Garnett and Pierce being traded to Brooklyn and Simmons essentially calling him a quitter. To which Do replied, “I’d like to call him an idiot, but I’m too classy for that.”

Naturally, Simmons fired back and cited Doc’s inconsistency throughout the entire process. I’m not necessarily a Simmons fan, but he’s not afraid to pop off.

Reece Davis was a little too startled by the whole thing.

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  1. I never really paid attention to Mr. Simmons comments, but last night I was watching the draft and I have been a Celtics fan since a little girl going to the games with my dad to see Jo-Jo White play. I gave Doc the benefit of the doubt. But after last night I feel that the truth hurts… a man, just admit that you want another ring and you do not want to spend the time to rebuild to do that. Mr. Simmons, much respect.

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