NFL — 11 June 2013
Video: Bill Belichick is Already Tired of Talking About Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is in Patriots camp today for day 1 of the circus that will ensue in New England. He may have zero impact on the team, but he’ll probably be more talked about than Tom Brady.

Today, Bill Belichick addressed the media in usual Bill Belichick fashion: smug and cryptic. Naturally, he was inundated with Tebow questions, and even more naturally, he didn’t have much to share. In fact, at the 3:16 mark, Belichick is asked a silly question from a reporter, wondering if he will have any objection to Tim “Tebowing” after a big play. At that point, Bill had enough of the Tebow questions and replied, “I think we’ve talked enough about him.” In Belichick’s defense, that was a dumb question.

But of course, more Tebow questions came.



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