NBA — 10 June 2013
TNT’s Kenny Smith in the Running to Become Next General Manager of the Sacramento Kings

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny the chemistry of TNT’s NBA crew. Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Chuck (we’ll respectfully exclude Shaq for the time being) work well with one another. But as the saying goes: nothing is forever.

About a year ago or so, Barkley said his days of being an analyst may end soon, and now we hear word of Kenny Smith possibly becoming the next general manager of the Sacramento Kings, according to USA Today.

I’ve always thought Kenny to have a great basketball mind, but sometimes his analysis gets lost in his analogies. But it’s undeniable that he’s knows the game. And nowadays, you don’t necessarily need to go through the traditional ranks to become a GM or head coach. We see it all the time now.

In terms of how far along he is in the process with Sacramento, Smith told USA Today,

“We’ve been talking; we’ve been talking,” Smith said. “That’s all I’m going to say.”


Longtime GM Geoff Petrie has been told by the club that he will not be brought back.

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  1. Stupid!!! This guy did nothing but show up late with an attitude the whole time he was in Sacramento supposedly playing. If they hire him they’ll get what they got last time…Nothing but an attitude for millions of dollars. They should stick with Bird…at least he works.

  2. Everybody knows you dont bring Kool-aid to a gin party!!

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