NBA — 02 June 2013
Roy Hibbert Had Two Memorable Moments During His Game 6 Press Conference

After the Indiana Pacers tied their Eastern Conference Finals series up at 3-3 vs. the Miami Heat, Roy Hibbert was in rare form. He had not one, but two memorable and forgettable moments at the podium in front of the media.

Hibbert has played solid defensively in the playoffs, which prompted a reporter to ask how he felt about finishing 10th in the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year voting. To which Hibbert replied:

The fact of the matter is that Hibbert hasn’t been a defensive menace league-wide throughout the year or he would’ve finished higher. Solid, but 10th is probably a good spot for him. Marc Gasol won Defensive Player of the Year and I’m sure Grizzlies games were generally watched as frequently, or infrequently, as Pacers games.

Then, for an encore, he was giving his take on the game and uttered a …let’s just call it a slang, anti-homophobic phrase (at the 0:25 mark) after saying the Miami Heat “stretched him out”:

He could’ve opted for “pause” (which guys have said in the past while being interviewed, and that has gone relatively unnoticed), which is another slang term that basically says the same thing without saying the same thing. Either way, it’s way too childish for a grown man to say. Especially on the platform he was on.

He will certainly be fined by the league for at least one of the above. Neither were called for. Just because they won a playoff game is no reason for him to get out of character. Basically, it comes down to the fact that he is having a good series vs. an undersized Miami Heat team, and he got too comfortable as a result. He’ll come back to Earth eventually. Relax, Roy.

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