NFL — 09 June 2013
RG3 Responds to Donovan McNabb’s Unsolicited Advice

Robert Griffin III’s torn ACL has drawn a fair amount of attention to say the least. Some of that attention has been brought on by Griffin himself, and some is a byproduct of him being a budding megastar.

For whatever reason, Donovan McNabb has decided to take Robert Griffin III under his wing from afar, and provide some unsolicited advice. McNabb apparently feels a certain obligation to contribute to the black quarterback fraternity.

The other day, McNabb weighed in on the RG3 situation, and insists that this is advice.

“It’s too much right now; it’s just too much,” McNabb said. “I get some of the things he’s doing to draw attention to himself: the Adidas commercials, going out and enjoying the life of a young, famous NFL quarterback. I understand RG has a lot of stuff going on.

“But if you’re coming off ACL surgery, you don’t need to be having a press conference at OTAs. Every week? Really? It becomes a circus, a sideshow. It takes away from the focus of what those sessions are supposed to be about: the team.

Naturally, Griffin was asked about McNabb’s “advice”, according to

“It is what it is. Everybody is going to have their own opinion,” he said. “He’s free to have that opinion. So I’ll just leave it at that.”

That was RG3 for, “man, nobody asked for your advice.” It’s also worth noting that about a year ago, McNabb extended an offer to Griffin to meet, but the inquiry was never responded to.

In fairness to McNabb, I do think that all of this is coming from a good place. As naive as it may be, McNabb thinks that because he had a terrible experience under Mike Shanahan, the same will happen with Griffin. But there are better ways for McNabb to have done about this. This doesn’t help his already-suffering reputation.

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