NFL — 14 June 2013
Rex Ryan doesn’t think he gets the credit he deserves as a head coach

Rex Ryan’s prowess as a football mind has long since been overshadowed by his mouth. People generally aren’t concerned with how good of an X’s and O’s coach he is because we’re too interested in waiting for the next headline, which he usually provides.

Yesterday, Ryan told Newsday that he’s “a hell of a lot better coach than I’m given credit for.”

Again, he’s probably right, but he isn’t given the credit because of his own doing. However, in his defense, he said it with a smile on his face, so he wasn’t completely upset. But there’s truth in jest.

Ryan led the Jets to back-to-back AFC title games when they had no business being there. So, right out the gate, he proved that he knew what he was doing. But that was during the honeymoon, which has been over for a while.

And we cannot overlook the fact that there are way too many lockerroom distractions coming from Jets camp. To prove that he’s really a good coach in all that it encompasses, he needs to corral that too. That’s part of the gig.

But do you think he has a point?

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  1. NO Rex–you are NOT a good head coach. You are a tiny, jealous man and when the hoards of media people come by its to see TIM TEBOW, NOT you.
    And since you: A) draft / sign a BUNCH of QBs, does that make sense to anyone outside the JJJETS org. /
    B) You have much maligned Tim Tebow and do you use him?——–no
    C) Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez is struggling. Do you PULL HIM and put in somebody else, anybody? —–no.
    I was JAZZED when I heard Tebow was coming to the Jets plus you had Tony Sparano as offensive coord. and Sparano was the Dolphin coach who surprised the NFL by bringing back the wildcat formation.
    You nor Sparano recognized Tebow’s ability to RUN the ball, to shovel pass the ball to T.E. and to read/option JUST like Colin Kaepernick (49ers).
    Owner Woody Johnson should have FIRED YOU and canned SANCHEZ and made Tebow the starter and drafted /signed some REAL running backs so it’s run, run run run (SURPRISE PASS) run run run.
    You don’t get it.
    JUST WIN BABY, and Tebow is a winner.
    And YOU parked him on the bench you jealous little man.
    P.S. If it is true that Tebow’s passes “fluttered” and were off target, you needed to get him a left shoulder MRI checking for a rotator cuff tear. B___

  2. ____urp !!

  3. I think he’s probably right. I also think that he is just too nice of a guy. Same as his brother, same as his father. If you ask former players, they absolutely loved playing for these guys. Nobody outside of his own family (maybe) loves Bill Belichick but the guy wins because he doesn’t care about his players, he cares about winning.

    I think there is one coach that walks that fine line between love and respect, and that’s Mike Tomlin. Tony Dungy was able to do it with Peyton Manning as his field leader but overall, caring about the personal well-being of your assets is counter-productive.

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