NFL — 10 June 2013
Patriots to Sign Tim Tebow

Ever since being released by the Jets, the only two places that made sense for Tim Tebow were the Jacksonville Jaguars and New England Patriots.

Jacksonville because he’s from the area and that team desperately needs some excitement. New England because that’s what the Patriots do: they take players nobody wants and finds a way to use them somehow. I say somehow, because there’s no way he’d play QB for them. Not even as a backup.

Regarding the latter, we shall find out soon enough as the Patriots are on the verge of signing Tim Tebow, per Ed Werder of ESPN:

I’m sure Josh McDaniels’ fingerprints are all over this. He drafted Tebow in Denver, of course, in the first round and everyone thought he was crazy. He’s probably looking to prove people wrong somehow in New England.

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  1. Hooray for the Patriots: They showed pure class and genius picking up this gentleman and athlete TIM TEBOW. Tim can play tight end. Time can play full back. Tim can run the wild-cat, hand it to Aaron Hernandez (just like Tim did @ Florida Gators read/option). TIM CAN. Kinda renews my faith in NFL and of course the eternal God. P.T.L.
    Go Patriots. Go Tebow.

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