NBA — 12 June 2013
Patrick Ewing, Jr. Vents About Jason Kidd Getting the Nets Job So Quickly, While His Father Keeps Getting Passed Over

Once upon a time, there used to be a certain protocol to becoming an NBA head coach for former players. That path was perhaps broadcasting, then maybe an assistant coach gig for a few years. But when Mark Jackson skipped over that whole assistant coach thing and went straight to the Golden State Warriors sidelines from the ABC broadcast booth, the seal was broken.

Then, Jason Kidd did the unthinkable and went from active player to head coach in less than a week.

Patrick Ewing has been dying for a sniff at a head coaching job for about a decade now and has gotten no bites. Now, just because Ewing is a Hall of Famer doesn’t mean he should be given anything, but what is it about him that causes teams to keep overlooking him? I mean, does a guy like Jason Kidd interview THAT much better than Ewing?

Either way, Patrick Ewing, Jr. (who played with the Knicks for a brief stint) isn’t amused. shortly after Jason Kidd was named head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, he decided to vent on behalf of his father. I understand where he’s coming from.





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  1. I was just talking about the Kidd hire in relation to Ewing this morning. Forgive me for getting on my Kanye here, and I know Kidd has a parent who is African American, but I’m going to say it. If his skin was darker, would he have gotten the position so quickly? I know, I know, Avery Johnson…

    I understand his history with the NETS is likely the biggest part of the decision, but from his point of view, why risk that legacy when it is so obvious how difficult the task to be undertaken is?

    I definitely feel for Ewing, but he should be getting the head coaching position in Charlotte about the same time Kidd is flaming out in BK…sorry NETS fans, the legacy of two of your beloved PG’s is about to get real besmirtched.

    • Interesting notion and, frankly, one I never considered.

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