NBA — 12 June 2013
Hubie Brown Critical of How Erik Spoelstra is Using LeBron in the NBA Finals

The Miami Heat were embarrassed last night to the tune of a 36-point drubbing at the hands of San Antonio, and now find themselves in a 2-1 series hole. While a 2-1 deficit isn’t insurmountable (as the Heat found out vs. the Mavericks two years ago), the Heat need to wake up very soon. Namely, LeBron James.

Through three games in the Finals, LeBron is yet to score 20 points in any game. Granted, he had a triple-double in a game 1 loss, and the Heat blew out the Spurs in game 2, but he needs to average in the 27 points per game region for them to win.

But his offensive woes aren’t his fault, according to Hubie Brown: a man who has forgotten more about basketball than you and I will ever know, combined. Hubie was a guest on ESPN’s Mike & Mike this morning and gave his take on what’s going on with LeBron offense. He says it has more to do with the way LeBron is being used, than something LeBron isn’t doing. Brown is essentially talking about Erik Spoelstra here in the quote we transcribed from the interview:

“The major concern is getting to the [free throw] line. He gets to the line 8 times during the [regular] season, 8 times during the first three rounds.  All of a sudden, 2 foul shots attempts here [in the NBA Finals] and he’s shooting 77-83% [from the FT line]. So, you gotta get him involved, you gotta get him on the move. It’s not his job. It’s the job of the coaching staff to put him in areas where he can get high percentage looks.”

Erik Spoelstra is a championship-winning coach, but will never escape criticism. You can’t say that about any other coach and he should get used to it.


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