NBA — 12 June 2013
Brooklyn Nets Signs Jason Kidd to 3-Year Deal as New Head Coach

A week ago today, we weren’t sure if Jason Kidd was going to return for his 20th NBA season. Today, it appears as if he’s the next head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

On Sunday, news broke that he was interested in the Nets job and that they were equally as interested in him. This has to be the quickest transition from active player to head coach in NBA history. The big question is: will Jason Kidd attract potential players or scare them away? Being a great PG is completely different from what he’s getting himself into now.

According to Yahoo!, the deal is done and will officially be announced on Thursday. The deal is reportedly for 3-years.

Kidd has had the label of being a “coach killer” during his career, so it’s ironic that current perceived “coach killer” Deron Williams, is on the roster.

The Nets are financially strapped until 2017 and the team has probably already peaked, so temper your expectations, Nets fans.

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