NFL — 23 May 2013
Video: Robert Griffin III’s Father Questions Mike Shanahan’s Use of His Son

I’ve stated this time and time again, and it continues to hold true: whenever a family member gives their unsolicited opinion on their professional athlete brother, son, etc., it can never end well. Ever.

The story of Robert Griffin III’s torn ACL simply will not go away. To this day, there is still chatter on sports radio in Washington, D.C. as to whether or not Mike Shanahan should’ve pulled him from the Seattle game early (the answer is yes, by the way).

Yesterday, Robert’s father decided to chime in and give his take on the situation, as he sat down with WJLA in DC. Obviously, there’s a great deal of emotion involved here, as he felt his son never should have been in that situation.

So, not only did Robert Griffin, Jr. second-guess Mike Shanahan’s use of his son, but he’s also recommending changes to the offense by saying the Redskins should pass more. Who knows is Griffin III signed off on all of this. And guess what today is? The first day of Redskins OTAs and Robert will be there. Along with the media, who will undoubtedly fire away with questions about his father’s comments.

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