NBA — 30 May 2013
Tony Parker Has Been Giving the Pacers’ George Hill Advice on How to Beat the Heat

It seems as if the San Antonio Spurs knocked off the Memphis Grizzlies a month ago, as they are still awaiting to find out who they will face in the NBA Finals. The starting point guard for Indiana is George Hill, who ironically used to play for the Spurs.

According to Rachel Nichols of TNT, Tony Parker of the Spurs has been sending George Hill text messages on how to beat the Heat. Is this a matter of a friend trying to help a friend, or does Parker think the Pacers will be the easier matchup in the the Finals?

Either way, what exactly qualifies Parker to give advice on how to beat the Heat. It’s not as if the Spurs and Heat play that often during the regular season where Parker would have first-hand experience of dealing with them. Interesting development to say the least.

From Rachel Nichols on Twitter minutes ago:

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