LIFESTYLE — 13 May 2013
PIC: Kevin Durant Wears Seattle SuperSonics Hat to OKC Thunder Practice

The OKC Thunder are such a good team that we sometimes forget they’ve only been there a handful of years. And we also forget that Kevin Durant spent his first year in the NBA on the Seattle SuperSonics. The team didn’t relocate until the summer after his rookie season.

Recent happenings suggest that Seattle will fall short in their attempt to bring basketball back to the city, at the hands of the Sacramento Kings, but that doesn’t mean Kevin Durant can’t still show his support.

Clearly, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from as he donned a Sonics had today after practice. I just wonder if the owner of the Thunder finds it as amusing as I do. And don’t forget, Durant is the same guy who wore a Bulls hat a few summers ago because it matched his outfit. But I digress.


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