NBA — 02 May 2013
Nate Robinson Embarrasses Kris Humphries [Video]

I’ve said for years that if Nate Robinson wasn’t an irritant, he would be a borderline-premier player in the NBA. He may possibly be the shortest guy in the league, but his heart is bigger than anybody’s and he has the game to back it up.

And for some reason, he always seems to intimidate his opponent despite always being the smaller of the two. He can score in bunches and will always be an asset to a team.

In the fourth quarter of game 6 vs. the Brooklyn Nets, Nate was isolated free throw line extended with big man Kris Humphries. Nate probably gets away with a tiny carry here, but he definitely puts Humphries in the spin-cycle.

Despite this move, Brooklyn prevailed and forced a Game 7.


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