NBA — 01 May 2013
Knicks, Celtics Mix it Up After Game 5; Did Jordan Crawford Disrespect Melo’s Wife? [Video]

Following the Knicks’ loss to the Celtics in game 5, the two teams got into a brief little dust-up as they were headed to the locker room.

It’s no secret that these two teams don’t like one another and that makes this series more interesting given the fact that the Knicks were up 3-0, coupled with the J.R. Smith elbow on Jason Terry. Now the series is at 3-2 heading back to Boston for game 6.

Many people don’t know that Jordan Crawford is even on the Celtics (or in the NBA for that matter), so why is he talking in the first place? He allegedly said some disparaging things about Carmelo’s wife, right to Melo’s face and that’s what caused all of this. It appears as if Raymond Felton heard all of this and came to the aid of a teammate.

Here’s what happened:


And here’s a slowed down GIF, courtesy of @beyondthebuzzer, where it looks like Crawford (who played zero minutes tonight) said someone “f’d your wife” to Melo. Obviously he’s referring to the previous altercation between Melo and Kevin Garnett where KG alleged something about Melo’s wife. You be the judge. Is that what Jordan Crawford said?

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  1. Melo needs to go ahead and ‘F the Celtic’s season’.

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