LIFESTYLE — 28 May 2013
Keyshawn Johnson Reportedly Called the Police on Justin Bieber

If you’re having a tough time getting going today as you come back from a long weekend, perhaps this story will help you out. Over the weekend, apparently Justin Bieber was driving his Ferrari recklessly through his gated community.  He is now under investigation after two people called the police to report the incident. According to TMZ, one of those people happened to be ESPN NFL analyst Keyshawn Johnson, who apparently lives in the same Calabasas, California community.

The TMZ reports states that there was a child playing in the area where Bieber was allegedly driving recklessly, so you can certainly see the concern. That doesn’t make this story any less amusing.

Apparently, Keyshawn chased Bieber in a Prius and confronted him face to face about the whole ordeal.

Oh yeah, and Eric Dickerson would like to have a few words with Bieber as well:


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