NFL — 13 May 2013
Jets May Trade or Cut Mark Sanchez Before Week 1 If Geno Smith Beats Him in Camp

Even before the Jets drafted Geno Smith, it was reported that there would be an open competition for the starting QB gig in New York. And even though he hasn’t taken a snap yet, Geno Smith is a part of that, which means Sanchez will have to beat out Geno in camp. And if he doesn’t, he may be out of New York according to reports.

Smith has really impressed so far during mimi-camp and the job may already be his to lose. At this point, that makes perfect sense. The Jets roster is a mess and they won’t be going any where this year. That being said, why not run Geno out there week 1? There’s really nothing to lose at this point.

If Geno is named starter, Sanchez may not even be on the roster come week 1, according to the New York Post, as they may trade him. The thing is: Sanchez is guaranteed $8.75M whether he’s on the Jets or not. Therefore, if they do trade him, they will have to eat a portion of that price tag just to get rid of him because it’s hard to believe any team will pay that entire amount for Sanchez’s services.

Previously, it wasn’t thought that Sanchez would be cut, but perhaps that sentiment has changed.

Peter King writes at that it wouldn’t be surprising if the Jets traded Sanchez or cut him before Week One.” says Pro Football Talk.

Given the Jets took Geno so high in the draft, I fully expect one of the above scenarios to pan out. I think Sanchez has already taken his last snap as a Jet.


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  1. No team will Trade for him with the Salary he has locked in. The Jets would be stupid to cut him if your going to have to pay him you might as well keep him.

    This is the real plan as messed up as it sounds… Sanchez starts takes all the beatings the tough games first 9-10 then they bring Geno in at the end of the season to get expirence with it already being over before hand. This way Geno gets a few starts and some expirence before having to take the reigns.

    This team has no weapons at WR or TE and a banged up O-line are you really going to throw a rookie into that kind of mess?!?! HELL NO Look what it did to David Carr. You let him get reps at the end of the season and DRAFT him the best avail WR TE & O-line players you can next year so he stands a chance.

  2. How stupid can you be? You said the roster is a mess why would anyone put the future QB behind a inexperienced O line?? Let MS get beat up while the O line jells and GS can learn a little before you put him in.

    • Don’t be an internet thug, Gary.

    • How stupid could you be? How stupid do you NEED to be .?? The J J J J Jets had 5 or 6 QBs.BUT they have a crappy O.Line, a mediocre defense & gets worse w/o Darrell Revis. They have receiver(s) that can’t get open and when they do, Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez is already down on the ground pee-peeing himself and loosing the football !! Tebow would have at least ducked his head ran forward and picked up a couple yards VS losing 10 yards and maybe possession of the football. The Jet that needs to be fired is RRRRRRex “Idiot” Ryan. WHO brings in 7 G.D. quarterbacks? Make your pick and work with him.
      If Tebow’s passes “flutter and are off target” as someone in the locker room claims; He NEEDS an MRI on his rotator cuff. The flutter and off target indicate a torn or ripped rotator. I know. I HAD one. I a former O. Guard and I playedid football, man. I still can bench 225# and weigh 300#. So some of these wise-guy commentors would NOT talk like that to my face.

      Oh, yea and one more thing: B__

      __urp !

  3. I think the Jets will make a big mistake if they get rid of Sanchez,Geno has not proven himself on the NFL playing field yet.This is not collage football its a whole different world for Geno.Being hispanic & Mark also i belive the New York media has not treated him farley the whole football team is a mess & they blaim Mark for their losing way’s,i think there in big truable ether way,I do hope they trade Mark & then they will see that mark was not the problem.

  4. A smarter move still, now water under the bridge, would have been to see if the Niners would have given QB Smith + X (lots of picks they couldn’t use anyway) for QB Sanchez + Revis.

    Back to what I understand remains available:
    KC wants to move its franchise tackle tagged for 1 yr, Albert(s), who is getting similar $$ for the 1 yr to Sanchez. They wanted a 2nd for him, but no takers as he is expensive. Chiefs to not want Sanchize in return, but if he is taxied and recovers his touch and can demonstrate that, he could be an asset when some team gets a season ending injury at QB, and needs to overspend on a risk to save the season.

    So Sanchez + NYJ 3rd to KC for Albert.
    Additional NYJ 4th if Sanchez is ‘unproductive’/not moved for value.

  5. All guys a good QB can make O-line better Sanchez sucks it makes no sense keeping him around . Pete told him stay in school longer sound advice. Luck and RG3 all were first year starter david carr sucked the only you get better by playing. Sitting on the bench for what you still have to play on the field. Its the nfl not baby fl like my old said when hired new employee” I throw them out there sink or swim”.

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