LIFESTYLE — 05 May 2013
J.R. Smith Was at the 40/40 Club the Night Before Game 1 vs. Pacers

Later today, the Knicks will host the Indiana Pacers in game 1 of the second round of the NBA playoffs. In the playoffs, every game is important and each player should go into games with that mindset. Even if it’s just game 1.

Last night, J.R. Smith of the Knicks was out at the 40/40 Club in Manhattan to take in the Floyd Mayweather – Robert Guerrero fight. Yes, he was at the club. The fight didn’t start until about 11:30 pm, so who knows what time he left.

Now, is it possible for J.R. to go out and be rested enough in time for the 3:30pm game today? Sure. But it just doesn’t look good that he’s out the night before a game. He plays in New York and has to realize that perception is everything. For his sake, I hope he doesn’t wet the bed on the court today (like he has since coming back from suspension).

From The 40/40 Club on Twitter a little after midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning:



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