NBA — 31 May 2013
Chris Paul “Angry” With Clippers For Implying He Got Coach Vinny Del Negro Fired

When the Los Angeles Clippers fired coach Vinny Del Negro a few weeks ago, it was widely reported that was done so to keep Chris Paul happy. This conclusion was met based on comments Clipper owner Donald Sterling gave. He all but acknowledged that to be the case.

“I always want to be honest and not say anything that is not true. So I’d rather not say anything. But you know, the coach did a really good job. I think he did. And I liked working with him. There are just factors that make life very complicated and very challenging.”



But according to, Chris disagrees with this speculation. He’s reportedly “angry” with the Clippers for making it seem as if he had anything to do with Vinny’s removal. The report (who quotes a source) implies that this may weigh into whether or not he decides to stay with the Clippers.

“He’s angry right now and his anger is directed toward the Clippers organization,” the source said. “Chris is a man of principle and if he feels like you’ve gone against his principles, it will affect how he feels about you. He’s very agitated that his name has been put out there as the reason for Vinny’s firing. He had nothing to do with it.”

The Clippers can offer Paul $28M more than any other team. Therefore, I’m sure he’ll get over it.

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