NBA — 18 May 2013
Charlotte Bobcats Begin Process to Become the Charlotte Hornets

In the 90s, the Charlotte Hornets were one of the more popular teams from a merchandising standpoint. The newness, and perhaps the color scheme, made for a very hot ticket. Hornets hats and jackets were abundant among youngsters who liked the look. Oh yeah, Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning and Muggsy Bogues didn’t hurt either.

Then in 2002, the team moved to New Orleans and suddenly the franchise wasn’t as cool anymore for some reason. However, the New Orleans Hornets are now the New Orleans Pelicans, which opens up the possibility of the Charlotte Bobcats becoming the Charlotte Hornets again. According to CBS Sports, that’s exactly what’s happening. The Bobcats have reportedly begun the process to become the Hornets.

This may take roughly 18 months to implement, but it’s certainly worth it. Many don’t recall, but there was a time when the Charlotte Hornets led the NBA in attendance several years in a row. Hopefully this revitalization will rejuvenate a franchise that sorely needs it.

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