COLLEGE — 08 April 2013
Trey Burke’s Clean Block on Peyton Siva That Was Called a Foul [GIF]

In the second half of the Louisville – Michigan national championship game, an unspoken back-and-forth ensued between Peyton Siva and Trey Burke. Each point guard exchanged buckets for a while, trying to one-up the other.

For my money, I prefer Siva to Burke, but Trey got the better of Siva here. Well, not exactly, since this was called a foul. This is as clean as they come. Siva should know better. He knows he’s not dunking on anyone.

And I don’t get caught up in referee conspiracy theories and neither should you. This did not determine the outcome of the game in the 82-76 Louisville win.

GIF: Trey Burke Block On Siva Called Foul


[H/T @jose3030]


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