NBA — 22 April 2013
Mike D’Antoni Calls Kobe Bryant a “Fan” [Video]

If you follow the NBA at all, you’ll know that as he has gotten older, Kobe Bryant has absolutely no filter. He says whatever he wants to whoever.

To that end, as Kobe is out for the playoffs with a torn Achilles, he is home nursing the injury and tweeting during  the playoffs. Yesterday, as his teammates took on the Spurs, Kobe tweeted:


After the game, coach Mike D’Antoni was asked what he thought about that, because the tweets were interpreted by some as if Kobe was disagreeing with whatever D’Anotni was doing:

That didn’t go over well with Kobe who tweeted:



At the end of the day, D’Antoni shouldn’t have said that and Kobe shouldn’t have been tweeting as much as he was. They’re both at fault.


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