NBA — 29 April 2013
Magic Johnson Goes on Epic Dwight Howard Rant

On Sunday night, the Lakers’ season mercifully came to an end as they were swept by the San Antonio Spurs in the first round. In fact, if Kobe were able to play, I still think the Spurs win this series comfortably.

In the second quarter of game 4, Dwight Howard was ejected after picking up his second technical foul. By that point, the game was already a blowout, but many people are sounding off on Dwight Howard for “letting his team down” by allowing himself to lose his cool and get ejected. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that. I think, like any other athlete, he was simply frustrated and let his emotions get the best of him. We’ve seen Kobe lose his cool many times in crucial situations during his career as well.

But afterwards, Magic Johnson went on an epic Twitter rant about Dwight Howard.

From the beginning, I never thought Dwight should’ve left Orlando and I wonder if he’s feeling that way now. Will he be back with the Lakers next year? If you ask me today, my money is on no.





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  1. majic, you seem to know everything there is about b.ball. you should know then that kareem got cheated out of mvp honors in your first playoff . you should know that michael jordan isn’t the ‘greatest’ b.ball player of all times. kareem is. 6 time mvp, jordan 5. 38,000 points for kareem. with out him in those lineups,even at his advanced age how many titles would you have won?

  2. i’m glad michael jordan doesn’t do this to the bulls

    • Amen

  3. Michael Jordan is not the best. Its the people who think he is the best. There are many top NBA legends better than MJ. Why because everyone is good in their own way. and ofcourse better the MJ. Lebron is one of the best but He is good talented and all rounder, best defender and rebounder. He plays five positions. MJ cannot do what Lebron or wade does. So I would never compare. We have idiots who come to the lakers . Lakers is the worst team. I know that. Howard made the biggest mistake joining them. Howard thaught joining Kobe they would win the championship. Even if Kobe was there 8 seed it would be impossible for Lakers to beat San Antoinio who are now the best team in the Nba after the Heat so it will be a tough challenge. I do not agree with Majic Johnson on some issues.

  4. Magic, your comments are not needed. You sound like the parent that walk to school uphill both ways. Chill

  5. For all the idiots mentioning MJ..what does he have to do with this…and for the idiots saying he isn’t the best..REALLY??? check the stat line…the the ships..the accolades..the hardware…what he has accomplished…thats the dumbest statement I have ever heard

  6. Some of Magic words are valid and some are not. Howard and the chemistry balance with Kobe and Kasol would have worked in one more season .Make a few tweaks as getting rid of World Peace, and clearing the bench except Blake. Keep Kasol, Howard, and Kobe one more season along with Blake. Everyone else must go!!

  7. Magic has every right to Rip Dwight & Dwght has no right being a Laker.

  8. i dont blame dwight the way the spurs was hanging on him he should have —– somebody out.

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