NBA — 17 April 2013
Knicks’ Rasheed Wallace Retires From NBA Again

At the beginning of the year, it was somewhat of a surprise when Rasheed Wallace was signed by the Knicks. Even though he was only out of the NBA for a year, you got the sense that he’d enjoy his retirement.

But his return to the court with the Knicks was short-lived.  He battled injuries the entire season and bad foot kept him out most of the year. Some Knicks fans thought ‘Sheed would be ready to go some time in the playoffs, but that will not happen.

Rasheed Wallace has retired from the NBA. Again. This move opens up a roster spot for the Knicks.

You have to believe that this decision was influenced by the Knicks. I get the sense that the team went to him with an ultimatum, given the playoffs are looming.


New York Knicks forward Rasheed Wallace has retired again from the NBA after he was unable to recover from a left foot injury.

The Knicks say in a statement that because of his injury Wallace ”will not be available to play for us during the playoffs.”

Wallace ended a two-year retirement this season to join the Knicks and was a key player off the bench during their strong start. But he hadn’t played since December before returning Monday against Charlotte, but he exited after 4 minutes because of continued soreness.



H/T: FoxSports

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