LIFESTYLE — 30 April 2013
Kirk Hinrich Calls Jason Collins a “Big Distraction”

Since this is the first time we’ve had an active male athlete from a major North American team sport admit that he’s gay, this news won’t die down for a while. Just about everyone will have an opinion on Collins and the gay community in general.

To that end, every reporter will stick a microphone in the face of an athlete to get his take on the situation, even if those two have no tie to one another.

That’s what happened with Kirk Hinrich of the Bulls. Not sure what Kirk exactly means here, but it’s worth talking about.

Asked about the significance of Collins becoming the first male athlete to come out in a major sport, Hinrich said, “It’s really not significant to me.

 “It surprised me but it’s just a big distraction right now. I was surprised after reading all that.

 “It doesn’t really change what kind of person he is or anything. It’s just who he is.”

 Asked what kind of teammate Collins was when they played together with the Atlanta Hawks, Hinrich said, “He was a good teammate, good guy.


H/T: Chicago Sun-Times

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