NFL — 12 April 2013
Jay-Z’s Lack of a Post-Graduate Degree May Prevent Him From Becoming NFL Agent

Jay-Z’s plans to become a sports agent have been well documented. He’s so serious about this endeavor that he’s willing to sell his shares of the Brooklyn Nets so that he can sign NBA players to his sports agency, Roc Nation Sports.

However, things may not go as smoothly for Jay. While he has already applied with Major League Baseball to become and agent, his road to do the same with the NFL may not happen. According to Mike Florio on, one of the criteria for becoming a certified agent with the NFLPA is that you hold a post-graduate degree. This is something that Jay does not posses.

But there’s a loophole in everything. His success in business may be enough to forgo this requirement, which of course may not sit well with other agents, who already are not fond of this entire idea.

It’s somewhat admirable that Jay would go through all of this to represent athletes. Goes to show his drive, I guess.

But given the NFLPA’s requirement that only certified agents be involved in the recruitment of clients, Jay-Z won’t be able to help deliver potential NFL clients for contract representation unless he secures the appropriate credentials from the players’ union.

Of course, Jay-Z also would have to persuade the NFLPA to waive the requirement of a postgraduate degree.  His extensive success in various types of business could be regarded as the kind of “negotiating experience” that would potentially exempt him from the educational requirements.  If that happens, plenty of other agents will complain that he has received preferential treatment.

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