LIFESTYLE — 11 April 2013
Listen: Jay-Z Drops “Open Letter” to Address Recent Criticism

Jay-Z has come under some scrutiny lately for two reasons mainly: his recent trip to Cuba with wife Beyonce for their 5-year wedding anniversary, and because he’s selling his share of the Nets where people “laugh” at the fact his share is worth about $350,000.

Based on the aforementioned, Jay-Z decided to put together an “Open Letter” to address all of this. Apparently, this song came together very quickly as he needed to get some things off his chest.

Given his meteoric success that has far since eclipsed just music, it has become nothing short of silly to think that any move he makes isn’t fully calculated and will not pay off. Jay-Z will go down as one of the most successful business men ever and I get the sense he’s just getting started.

Here’s “Open Letter” (Note: some NSFW language)

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