NFL — 26 April 2013
Geno Smith Not Planning on Returning to Draft Green Room For Round 2

Geno Smith was supposed to be the first QB taken in the NFL draft this year. In fact, he was previously rumored to go as high as 3. But Smith sat in the green room live at the draft last night and did not hear his name called in the first round. He was passed over for E.J. Manuel who apparently speaks very well.

Brady Quinn and Aaron Rodgers were the poster-children of being the last left in the green room in years past, but Smith has just unseated both of them.

Because of that experience, Smith does not plan on returning to the draft tonight when it resumes tonight, according to ProFootballTalk via Suzy Kolber. He plans on taking in the experience elsewhere and I can’t blame him. Some people seem to think this makes him sensitive, or shows a lack of character. Some even think it hurts his draft stock. I think that’s nonsense. He was embarrassed on national TV and there was always a camera in his face.

However, I do think people need to stop mourning him as if he just died. Trust me, he’ll be just fine. He will be filthy rich in very short order and none of this will matter. And yes, money is everything.

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