MLB — 24 April 2013
B.J., Justin Upton The First Brothers to Hit Back-to-Back Homers Since 1938 [Video]

To have brothers play on the same team in the Big Leagues happens every now and again, but you hardly see a pair as good as both B.J. and Justin Upton are. What the Upton brothers are doing so far during their first year together for the Atlanta Braves is truly special. They are big reasons why Atlanta is 15-5 and has the best record in baseball.

Last night, the Braves played a double-header in Colorado against the Rockies and the Upton brothers hit back-to-back homeruns. This marks the first time since 1938 that brothers hit back-to-back homeruns in a game, according to USA Today. Lloyd and Paul Waner were the last to do so.

This was Justin’s major league-leading 11th home run of the season, as the Braves swept the double-header in Denver. Following the game, Justin said this was the first time they had ever hit back-to-back home runs on any level. They picked a great time.



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  1. The Upton brothers hit back-to-back homers against the Cubs on April 6th to win the game. How is this the first time since 1938 that this happened?

  2. Nevermind.. I guess Heyward had an at-bat in between them.

    • Right, same inning, but just not back-to-back. Heyward ruined it!

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