NBA — 27 March 2013
Kenyon Martin Takes a Shot at the Celtics For Passing on Him

The way Kenyon Martin has been playing for the Knicks, it makes you wonder why it took him so long to find a team.

Since becoming a Knick, he hasn’t really shown that much rust. In fact, he looks very fresh. He must be a bigger locker-room headache than we know because nothing else would make sense.

Apparently, Kenyon was in talks with the Boston Celtics prior to becoming a Knick. For one reason or another, Boston decided to pass and Kenyon didn’t forget that. Following last night’s win vs. Boston, Keyon had a few choice words for the Celtics, according to CSN NE:

“It’s their fault,” he said following the Knicks 100-85 win. “They lost. There was talks, there was negotiations, they chose not to do it. It was out of my control. I’m a Knick now, so they lost.”



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