NBA — 27 March 2013
Jimmy Butler Catches Alley-Oop on Chris Bosh’s Back [Video]

If you didn’t know who Jimmy Butler of the Bulls was (and perhaps, Chris Bosh wasn’t familiar either), you do now.

Take a look at Jimmy Butler catching an alley-oop on the back of Chris Bosh’s neck.

Of course, the Heat brought their 27-game win-streak into Chicago, looking to get one step close to the  ’71 – ’72 Lakers’ record of 33. But Butler’s dunk may have been foreshadowing, as the Bulls broke the Heat’s streak by winning 101-97 in a  great regular season NBA game.

LeBron James finished with 32 points 7 rebounds and Chicago’s Luol Deng had 28 points and 7 boards. If you’re a Heat fan, it’s probably a good thing they lost so that the hype around the team dies down a bit.

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