LIFESTYLE — 12 February 2013
Larry Bird’s Son Arrested For Trying to Hit Ex-Girlfriend With Car [Mugshot]

You can’t choose your family. Nor the decisions they make. But hey, we’re not here to judge. Just to provide the information and react to it.

It isn’t ‘t uncommon for the family member of a public figure to make headlines for the wrong reason. In fact, it happens all the time. I mean, it’s even happened to Michael Jordan. 

Larry Bird now has to deal with his son’s transgression, as explained by New York Daily News,

Connor Bird, the 21-year-old son of NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird, was arrested on Sunday after a dispute with his former girlfriend ended with him allegedly attempting to hit her with his car on the Indiana University campus, according to multiple reports.

He also allegedly had marijuana in his possession.

IU police chief Keith Cash told the Indianapolis Star that police had a witness to the incident and that Bird faces charges of battery with injury, criminal mischief, intimidation with a deadly weapon and marijuana possession.

The Star reports that police said the trouble began at Bird’s Bloomington, Ind., apartment where the two argued. He allegedly threw a cell phone at her during the dispute.

Bird then went to the alleged victim’s home and waited for her. The two ended up in his car in a parking lot on campus where, police said, another argument ensued. The woman got out of the car to walk home when Bird is accused of trying to hit her with his car twice.



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