NFL — 25 January 2013
Mayor of San Francisco to Ask Local Establishments to Limit Alcohol Sales on Super Bowl Sunday

Winning a sports championship often leads to unrest withing particular cities. We see it all the time. A form of rioting is viewed the same as celebration in the eyes of some sports fans.

After the San Francisco Giants won their most recent World Series, people in the town went crazy and mayor Ed Lee is determined to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He’s not going to New Orleans to watch the Super Bowl because he is choosing to stay behind and monitor the city’s behavior following the game.

Also, he is asking local bars and restaurants to limit alcohol sales, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. However, he will not impose a ban. That sounds to me like these bars and restaurants can either adhere to his request or not.

Seeing how this is how they’ll earn their money on Super Bowl Sunday, I’m going to assume they will respectfully decline Mayor Lee’s request.

While San Francisco restaurants and bars may see the Super Bowl as a way to generate big business, Lee finds himself trying to strike a balance between embracing celebration while preventing the kind of riots that hit after the Giants won their most recent World Series.

Rather than attend the Feb. 3 game in New Orleans, Lee said, he will probably stay here to oversee the city’s postgame response, and he plans to ask watering holes to limit liquor sales in advance of a potential victory celebration.

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