NBA — 08 January 2013
Carmelo Waited For Celtics By Locker Room, Team Bus Following Game

The Knicks and Celtics may not be rivals in the traditional sense, but these two team absolutely hate each other. Make no mistake about that.  On Monday night, the Celtics visited The World’s Most Famous Arena to take on the Knicks and Boston prevailed 102-96. The game got a bit chippy towards the end, and apparently that continued after the game.

According to Newsday, Carmelo Anthony waited for some Celtics outside their locker room.

“MSG Network reported that Anthony was outside the Celtics’ locker room after the game and had to be restrained by security and some teammates. Mike Woodson wouldn’t comment on the report, although he did say: “As the game wore on, we just let things get to us a little bit. We can’t let that happen.”

Anthony, who left without speaking to the media, was hot in the fourth, and not in a good way. He continued to play physically and jaw with Garnett. Said Woodson, “I’m going to defend Melo, our player and our team. In the heat of the battle, you got to hang in there and you got to keep playing.”


Also, here’s video of Melo waiting for the Celtics by their team bus. You can absolutely expect the League to investigate.


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