NBA — 27 December 2012
Warren Sapp Calls Deron Williams “Coach Killer”

Earlier today, Avery Johnson was fired as Nets head coach. He was fired for two reasons as far as I’m concerned: 1) The team so far hasn’t lived up to the unrealistic expectations (which isn’t Johnson’s fault since the expectations were…unrealistic), and 2) a few weeks ago, Deron Williams subtly voiced his displeasure with Johnson’s coaching style – and they still owe Deron $100 million.

Johnson’s firing sparked much reaction on Twitter. One in particular was that of Warren Sapp. He seems to remember the rumors and speculation a few years ago that Deron Williams was the reason Jerry Sloan left Utah. So, Sapp decided to do what he does best: talk.

Sapp talks way too much sometimes, and his mouth routinely gets him in trouble. You’d think he’d learn by now.



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