NFL — 30 December 2012
Greg Jennings’ Sister Goes Off On Aaron Rodgers on Twitter

For an athlete, there’s probably nothing worse than having their family member rant on Twitter about their team. If it’s positive, that’s fine. But when it’s negative, that can never end well. We saw this a few weeks ago with Michael Vick and his brother Marcus.

Tonight, the Packers’ Greg Jennings was the next “victim”. Jennings has been widely speculated for some time to be leaving Green Bay following this season due to his pending free agency. Well, his sister was on Twitter during the game voicing her displeasure with Aaron Rodgers’ performance.

The tweets have been deleted, but USA Today has the scoop:


“Why was that ball under thrown like that, he was wide open make the throw for the receiver!!! Geeez!!”

“My God Aaron Rodgers holds the ball forever! GJ was wide open 5x for that touchdown! Goodness he acts like he doesn’t want to throw to him

“GJ is the only receiver that has to jump in the air with both hands up to get the

“Aaron Rodgers smh! Had him in the slot wide open no one even covered him! Where is Peyton Manning when u need him! This is utterly pathetic”

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  1. until YOU are the one inAaron’s spot, keep your opinions to yourself. After all…………opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Put your ass in that position BEFORE you voice your opinion.

  2. Hard to think anyone can control what their family says on twitter. Maybe she hit the wrong button…..LOL

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